Bollhoff Introduces the IMTEC HR Series of Molding Fasteners

The IMTEC HR series of molding fasteners is designed for easy integration into composite floor molds. The IMTEC HR is an industrialized composite floor attachment solution. The IMTEC HR is placed into the mold cavity and integrated during the molding process. It is ideal for attaching fasteners to both metal and composite floors. Designed to be cost-competitive, these fasteners can be used to attach composites to metal floors.

Using a plastic screw-off cap

The IMTEC HR fastener is designed to work with the QSP production process. The IMTEC HR system uses a stainless steel or zinc-plated steel pin for the fastener. The plastic is injected into the mold with the fastener integrated. To avoid cutting the fibers, Boiloff can change the fastener’s diameter, size and shape. The IMTEC HR uses a plastic screw-off cap to protect the fastener’s interior threads during the molding process.

This combination is ideal for composite materials

IMTEC HR fasteners are made from stainless steel or zinc-plated steel. This combination is ideal for composite materials. The QSP process is a highly automated process that produces parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The IMTEC HR fastener was developed for use with the QSP. This new fastener increases the strength of the composite part without reducing its thickness. The IMTEC HR is also compatible with composites.

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