Can Canines Get Jealous Too Even For Hidden Rivals?

Canines are notorious for being jealous, but can they get jealous over hidden rivals as well? Apparently, yes. About 4 out of 5 dog owners have experienced this behavior, and the truth is that it’s real. But what does it mean? The study used 14 different breeds to test this theory. This includes chihuahuas, yorkshire terriers, and daschunds. The results of this experiment are interesting, but not very surprising, because these dogs are incredibly loyal to their masters.

Imagine the hidden rival

The study was published in Psychological Science and involved 18 canines in a variety of situations, including hidden rivals and human companions. The canines were then put into conditions where their human companions were the rival and a fake canine was used as the management. The study shows that canines exhibit these effects of deep love when they imagine a hidden rival. In fact, they will stamp out their jealousy if they imagine a hidden rival.

Showed intense jealousy

The study was conducted with a number of canines and their human companions. The dogs were placed in conditions with an actual rival and a control cylinder made of fleece. The dogs then saw these environments and displayed intense jealousy when they imagined a hidden rival. Interestingly, the results showed that the dogs showed the most jealous behavior when they imagined their rivals as hidden competitors. In fact, they even exhibited signs of pity when they were aware that they were being envied by a hidden competitor.

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