SuperVPN Fast VPN Client Review

The SuperVPN Fast VPN Client is one of the fastest and most effective apps available for Android. The app has been featured on 2 placements in the United States in the past. The developers are constantly working on improving the stability of the app and fixing bugs. However, they have not yet implemented a battery optimization mode for the app, which is unfortunate given the popularity of VPNs. It’s also important to note that SuperVPN has a long list of negative reviews and has not been rated highly by users.

Devices have a high download rank

As far as downloads go, SuperVPN is among the top 3 VPN clients for Android. It has a high download rank in the United States, as well as in other countries, categories, and devices. The company also keeps track of the top keywords that people search for, and tracks their search position trending over time. You can even browse user feedback on the app’s website to know more about its popularity. Its latest version, which was released late in 2020, features a user-friendly interface and offers unlimited bandwidth.

It’s free and doesn’t require root access

The free version of SuperVPN Fast VPN Client is easy to use. You can connect to it with a single click and enjoy unlimited time and bandwidth. It is free to use and does not require root access, which is a big plus for many users. Furthermore, this VPN client does not need any installation. Lastly, SuperVPN does slow down your internet connection, which can affect the speed of your web browsing and gaming experience.

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