Using a Vision System for Quality Inspection

Using a vision system for quality inspection can significantly increase the productivity of your manufacturing operation. These advanced devices take multiple images of a target at one time and process them through a vision controller. During the inspection process, these systems perform pre-processing operations to remove defects and emphasize desirable characteristics. This specialized software can be used for a variety of tasks including defect detection, measuring, positioning, counting, and OCR/code reading.

Can be used to inspect various materials

The KEYENCE vision system is capable of performing appearance inspections on a variety of target surfaces. Its sophisticated algorithms detect localized changes in contrast and can recognize stains and scratches without external influences. The systems can even cope with the effects of rough or uneven targets with 24 image enhancement filters. Additionally, its shading correction feature can highlight linear flaws on rough objects. Once paired with a high-speed camera, this system can be used to inspect a variety of materials, including food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and much more.

The software can detect scratches

The software that runs the inspection system is highly sophisticated and can handle a variety of target surfaces. It can also detect and identify stains and scratches without any external influence. The software works to eliminate these effects and is capable of detecting and highlighting defects in different products. The advanced algorithms also eliminate the effect of uneven lighting and rough surfaces and help you improve the accuracy of your product inspections. They can detect unacceptable products before they even leave your production line.

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